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E-junkie is another widely used affiliate marketing system by many webmasters. Mostly by those who sell web based products, scripts, themes and templates. Even though the interface is not as robust as many of its competitors – E-junkie is doing well with  a huge range of digital products to sell from and its ever growing user base.

Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer Job Search Tracker

Launchpad: Career Search Combo Pack

Launchpad: Career Search Strategy Guide V.2

Launchpad: Career Search Strategy Guide V.3

Launchpad: Career Search Strategy Guide V.4

Simplify Now - Project JourneyMan

Android Income Powerstart

Android Market Internatives

Android Market Internatives – Updater Plan through Dec 2012

Android Market Internatives with updates through Dec 2012

Android Market Deployment Worksheet
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Anne Dorko

The Beginner’s Guide for Making a Website from Scratch


Play Activities

60 Years of Challenge

60’s Mutual “Attraction” Magic (2 CD’s, Seminar Presentation, PDF Player Guide)
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The Complete Game Seduction System (4 New Books, 2 Training CD’s)” You Save $200 Today”


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AdBrite Service Web Hosting

Abt Electronics

GAN - Abt Electronics Affiliate
GAN - Abt Electronics AP.

Lane Bryant

GAN - Lane Bryant Affiliate

GAN - Lane Bryant AP.


Famous Footwear

GAN = Famous Footwear Affiliate

GAN - Famous Footwear AP.


GAN - ActiveForever AP.


GAN - iRobot Affiliate.

GAN - iRobot AP.

The Flex Belt

GAN – The Flex Belt Affiliate

GAN – The Flex Belt AP.

Loop 18

GAN - Loop 18 AP.


GAN – Catherines AP.

Fashion Bug

GAN - Fashion Bug AP.

Fashion Bedding

GAN - Fashion Bedding AP.

AB Circle

GAN - AB Circle AP.

American Diabetes Wholesale

GAN - American Diabetes Wholesale Affiliate

GAN - American Diabetes Wholesale AP.

Natural Home Remedies

GAN – Natural Home Remedies AP


GAN – Pugster Affiliate

GAN - Pugster AP.

Shop WSS

GAN – Shop WSS Affiliate

GAN – Shop WSS AP.

Chipkos Footwear

GAN – Chipkos Footwear Affiliate

GAN – Chipkos Footwear AP.


GAN - ShopTronics

GAN - ShopTronics AP.

e-Health Insurance

GAN – e-Health Insurance

GAN – e-Health Insurance AP.

Frederick’s of Holywood

GAN - Frederick’s of Holywood

GAN – Frederick’s of Holywood AP.


GAN – SKECHERS Affiliate


Russell Outdoor
GAN – Russell Outdoor Affiliate

GAN – Russell Outdoor AP.

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